Website Update.

Website update

The crofting specific registration forms have been developed in conjunction with the Crofting Commission Development Team to deliver a service which allows those interested in becoming involved in crofting or those who have a crofting opportunity to offer, to register their interest with the Scottish Land Matching Service database.

Following registration, SLMS will engage directly with those who have registered an interest to have an initial conversation. This will include signposting all enquirers to the Crofting Commission website for information on crofting and crofters’ legal duties. They will also share contact details for the Crofting Commission Development Team with those who have registered with the SLMS and encourage them to make contact to understand the principles of crofting.

“We are very pleased to be able to facilitate this crofting specific registration service on our website. Working closely with the Crofting Commission Development Team we have developed straightforward and informative forms that will allow those with an interest in seeking or providing a crofting based opportunity to register with SLMS”

Ian Davidson, Independent Advisor, Scottish Land Matching Service


“The Commission welcomes this bespoke service for crofting from the SLMS. We look forward to working alongside SLMS to develop and highlight opportunities and ensure that the duties of a crofter are clearly understood. A database of those looking for opportunities in crofting, and those with an opportunity to offer, will complement the Commission’s work to promote active crofting and succession planning.”

Bill Barron, CEO, Crofting Commission