Almost a year on from the launch of our crofting interest registration forms, we thought it was time for an update.

There has been an incredible response. We have had a large number of enquiries from crofting seekers the length and breadth of the UK – and beyond! These range from current crofters and those with crofting heritage, to people new to crofting who are looking to get started. Mainland locations are proving the most popular amongst seekers, while more remote and island locations are also sought after.

One striking feature of the information we are gathering is the wide range of activities being proposed by prospective crofters. Many wish to focus on horticulture and permaculture as opposed to, or alongside, livestock rearing. A significant proportion of seekers are also concerned with forestry and conservation, with a good number hoping to include some tourism/agri-tourism elements.

We have had interest from individuals looking to create wellness retreats, respite care and forest schools; animal rescue and rehabilitation centres; employ traditional land management practices; promote heritage crafts; and rear every conceivable creature from horses to bees. It is heartening to see so many people wishing to connect with the land and nature with such spirit and creativity,

The flip side to the positive response from crofting seekers, has been the distinct scarcity of crofting providers registering with us. Demand outstripping supply is a common theme when it comes to access to land, however this has been particularly evident in our experience with crofting so far. We will continue to gather evidence of the demand through our registration process and will work closely with the Crofting Commission and the Scottish Government to explore ways that can encourage an increase in the availability of opportunities. We understand that this is not straightforward, but the evidence of demand will only continue to increase.

We are delighted to have facilitated one successful crofting match, so far, and very much look forward to more in the future.

If you are a tenant or an owner-occupier and are considering sub-letting or leasing your croft, or if you are the landlord of a vacant croft and would like more information about how we can help, please get in touch. In the meantime, we would continue to urge all interested parties to register via our ‘Sign Up’ page.

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