September Update from SLMS.

With restrictions on movement having eased I have had the opportunity to visit two businesses that SLMS helped through the process of setting up a joint venture. At the end of August, I had the opportunity to visit a small farm in Renfrewshire where I helped…

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August Update from SLMS.

One of the key organisations operating in the rural economy are the Livestock Markets, not only as places to do business but importantly as places where farmers, crofters and their associated communities can socialise…

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July Update from SLMS.

The old saying that you never know what is around the corner is so very true for all of us. As reported previously I had to take some time out from February to deal with a health issue. Thankfully things have gone well, and I am now back in harness with SLMS.

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June Update from SLMS.

I recently enjoyed a very interesting and informative visit with Ian Davidson and Yumi Kato to meet Stephen Withers and Neil Sandilands at Upper Hundalee farm, Jedburgh. Yumi is from Japan and is currently undertaking a PhD at Newcastle University studying different approaches to land access.

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March Update from SLMS.

Since joining the Scottish Land Matching Service (SLMS) I have thoroughly enjoyed my new role as an Independent Advisor. Throughout the first few months of the year

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January Update from SLMS.

Despite the uncertainty around a last-minute Brexit deal and the ongoing disruption issues caused by Covid19 the Service has continued to deliver as a source of advice and facilitation between potential joint venture participants.

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December update from SLMS.

I recently had an interesting discussion with Austin Finn who manages the SLMS equivalent in the Republic of Ireland called Land Mobility. I had met Austin previously in 2017 in Dublin when Land Mobility had been running for just over two years on a pilot basis

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October Update from SLMS.

It hardly seems that a year has passed since we launched the Scottish Land Matching Service – they say time flies but literally this last year has gone by in a flash

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Making change is never easy, we’re here to help.

The 28th of May has always been a significant date as one of the traditional “term” dates when rents are due or where the tenant takes entry to or removes from the subjects leased. Changeovers are not as common now but still a significant date in the rural calendar.

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SLMS – May Update.

The extended great spell of weather we have had has certainly helped as we come to the end of our seventh week of lockdown. My last face to face meeting with someone was on 16 March but I have been really pleased that since then despite the restrictions the Service has still been able to operate.

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