Scottish Land Matching Service

​Having been through a period of uncertainty because of Brexit I don’t think anyone could ever have conceived that we would be almost immediately into an even more extraordinary period in our history. Covid19 has certainly impacted on the way we live and work and it will be interesting to see what legacy that leaves when inevitably we are through this.

Farming of course goes on – the tap simply cannot be switched on and off at will. By the time you are reading this sowing, planting, lambing and calving will all be well underway with all the promise and hope that new life brings.

Being in lockdown has meant of course that meeting people face to face to discuss opportunities has had to be put on hold. That is why I am particularly pleased that today we are launching our new website which will give anyone who might be interested in joint ventures the opportunity to register with the Service. It will also include listings of opportunities being sought and offered. If anything is of interest, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for more details and a confidential discussion – it costs nothing. Happy to discus over the phone or by using Skype or Zoom. 

It has been clear since the Service launched that there are more people looking for opportunities than there are opportunities available. It has therefore been encouraging recently that more people have been coming forward wanting to investigate how a joint venture might work for them on their farming business. Even if you only want to find out a bit more please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Successful joint ventures of course are built on strong relationships and trust.  Building that relationship can take time and relies on flexibility and open communication on both sides.

Finally, I was pleased to see the opportunity advertised in the Scottish Farmer this weekend for a Contract Farming opportunity in east Fife. It is an arable unit outside St Andrews – good opportunity for someone.

Ian Davidson