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A croft is a relatively small agricultural land holding, which is normally held in tenancy, and which may or may not have buildings or a house associated with it. Crofts range in size from less than 1/2 hectare to more than 50 hectares, but an average croft is nearer 5 hectares.

The Crofting Commission is the regulatory body for crofting. To make changes to a croft, crofters are required to submit regulatory applications to the Crofting Commission for consent to do so.

Crofters have duties, defined in legislation, which include:

• A duty to be resident on or within 32 kilometres of their croft
• A duty not to neglect their croft
• A duty to cultivate and maintain their croft or to put it to another purposeful use

Please visit the Crofting Commission website for further information.

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